Workers’ Compensation

Injury on the job can be a devastating occurrence, physically, emotionally, and financially. The Castro Firm, Inc. can help!

If you are involved in a work-related injury, it can be a very difficult and even traumatic time for you and your family. It can also turn into a complicated legal matter.  Many states offer benefits in an attempt to assist the injured worker. That is where the attorneys at The Castro Firm, Inc. can help. Not many workers are aware of all of the benefits to which they may be entitled under their state’s law when they are injured at work. Let us help you maximize your benefits and explain the complexity of the law in a language you will understand.

Delaware workers: An employer in Delaware who employees one or more employees is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Employers are not allowed to charge an employee for any portion of the expense of carrying such insurance. Further, Delaware law prohibits employers from terminating or discriminating against an employee who has claimed or attempted to claim workers’ compensation benefits. Benefits available under Delaware law may include:

  • Payment of reasonable, necessary and related medical expenses;
  • Temporary total disability benefits for period of time out of work beyond three days;
  • Temporary partial disability benefits if there is a loss of earning capacity when you return to work;
  • Permanent impairment benefits if a permanent disability results from the work injury;
  • Disfigurement benefits for any scarring, burns, or amputations resulting from the work injury;
  • Death benefits payable to the dependents of the deceased worker related to the work accident;
  • Mileage and other out-of-pocket reimbursement for traveling to seek medical treatment.

New Jersey Workers: We will check with the Compensation Ratings Bureau to confirm insurance information for the employer and work hard for you to continue to receive the authorized treatment you are entitled to. We will file a Claim Petition if we have to with the State of New Jersey in order to get you the benefits that you are entitled to. We order all of your medical records and follow up with you on your medical treatment. We will send you to a permanency evaluation at the conclusion of your medical treatment in order to fight for even more benefits for you. We will be with you each step of the way.

If you are severely injured, we will visit you at your home or hospital room in Delaware or New Jersey.  You can also schedule an office conference with one of our attorneys in Wilmington or Cherry Hill.

Win all that is rightfully yours from a work-related injury with an experienced attorney fighting for your victory. Contact The Castro Firm, Inc. at 302.225.5700. The Castro Firm, Inc. does not charge a consultation fee and only recovers attorney fees if we are able to receive compensation for you.