Mediation are a cost-effective and peaceful alternative to litigation. It allows for a potential settlement of a dispute or family law controversy by utilizing an independent, unbiased and experienced person between two contending parties in an attempt to aide in a resolution of their disagreement. Mediation and arbitrations are a form of alternative dispute resolution, which can be an effective mechanism to resolving conflict between two or more parties. Mediation can minimize the harm that can come from disagreements by allowing both sides to be heard by a neutral party.

A trained and experienced mediator who is certified can effectively assist the parties to negotiate a settlement of their dispute. The process is private and confidential and can result in a Mediation Agreement that is enforceable under the law. Mediation has become a more peaceful and widely accepted mechanism to end conflict.

Mediation also increase the control and time-table parties have over the resolution of their dispute. In family law and other litigation matters, the parties stipulate to a mediator who will facilitate the mediation by using various techniques to improve dialogue and compassion between the parties in a dispute. The ultimate goal being an agreement of their legal matter. Once this is accomplished, the litigation may come to an end, thereby saving parties the continued costs of litigation and legal fees. More importantly, the parties save time by not having to wait for their trial date to come, which sometimes can take years.

The parties have to agree to work mutually toward a resolution or mediation becomes ineffective. The parties should have an understanding and be open to the other side’s position. The added benefit of mediation then becomes preserving the relationship the parties had prior to their dispute.

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