The_Castro_Firm_FinancialAlways keep in mind that if your divorce claim includes ancillary matters, you will most certainly be asked for a great deal of financial information. Here are some documents that you should have handy to provide to your divorce lawyer or the court:

  1. Tax returns (usually last 3 years are helpful)
  2. Net-worth statement, if applicable
  3. Retirement plans
  4. Retirement accounts
  5. Real estate-legal descriptions
  6. Receipted real estate tax bills
  7. Real estate appraisal
  8. Life insurance policies
  9. Medical insurance policies
  10. Account information for each and every bank account
  11. Securities
  12. Business interests
  13. Estate or trust interests
  14. Safety deposit box
  15. Loan applications
  16. Outstanding debt as of date of separation
  17. List of your appraisers and professional advisors

Article provided by Tabatha Castro, The Castro Firm