Compassionate but fierce legal representation

Since 2006, The Castro Firm, Inc. has stood for fierce advocacy, cost-effective outcomes and long-term relationships.

The Castro Firm, Inc. is one of the first Hispanic-owned law firms in Delaware offering legal services in the areas of family law, personal injury, workers’ compensation, small business law, employment law,  immigration, wills and mediation. Managing attorney Tabatha L. Castro has built a law firm that reflects the values and needs of busy individuals looking for a go-to attorney for all their legal needs.

What you can expect from The Castro Firm, Inc.

Fierce advocacy: Our clients count on our zealous approach to representing them in matters related to family, injuries, home and business. Coupled with our tenacity in the courtroom, we’re uniquely positioned to achieve optimal results and maximum recoveries for our clients on every case.

Cost-effective outcomes: Our attorneys are keenly aware of each client’s unique identity and circumstances and works hard to ease and simplify legal matters for them. To go beyond traditional billing practices, we also offer our clients solutions that include fixed fees and limited scope representation.

Long-term relationships: Trust is earned, and we strive to gain all of our clients’ trust for what we hope becomes a lifetime. Because we also value integrity, our clients find that our attorneys live up to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Let us fight your battle and ensure victory for you and your family. To schedule a consultation, call 302.225.5700.