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Immigration Law

Immigration law is complex, but The Castro Firm, Inc. has full knowledge of U.S. immigration laws — for the immigrant and the employer.

Immigration to the United States can be complicated, as there are many rules controlling who may or may not be eligible for entry. There are also many rules around your immigration status as well as under what category you may qualify. There are also many rules and complications for employers.

Our dedicated immigration attorneys can provide assistance on the following:

  • DACA applications
  • Waiver applications
  • Immigrant petitions for adopted children
  • Consular processing of immigrant visas

We can also assist with applications for visa extensions, change of immigrant status, and access to the diversity lottery program.

For employers, we have developed a special Form I-9 audit compliance review program to assist employers in remaining fully compliant with record completion and retention, thus avoiding significant monetary and other penalties assessed by the government resulting from non-compliance. We can also represent your company at Form I-9 examinations.

You can trust The Castro Firm, Inc. to handle your immigration matters with the highest level of expertise. We dot every “i” and cross every “t” to ensure legal accuracy. Call us at 302.225.5700.