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How is child support calculated in Delaware?

In Delaware, both parents, whether they are married or not, have a legal obligation to support their children until they graduate from high school or turn 19. Courts arrive at an amount representing an individual’s child support obligation with the assistance of an automatic calculator using a mathematical formula in Delaware. The child support formula […]


Social media clauses are now a part of prenuptial agreements.

Attorneys report that there is an increase in the number of clients that request prenuptial agreements that contain language addressing usage of social media by both spouses during the impending marriage. Such usage includes the posting and displaying of photographs, videos, and even verbal content. Using a “prenup” in this manner is wise for a […]

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Enforcing foreign or out-of-state child support orders.

One of the main concerns of a divorced parent moving out-of-state is the continued receipt of established child support payments. Hopefully, the situation prior to relocation is one in which the ex-spouse, or obligor-spouse (spouse obligated to pay child support) is fully complying with any court-ordered child support. What if after the custodial parent moves […]


Can the court suspend my driver’s license for not paying child support?

When this question is asked, I often wonder if people are more surprised by the fact that this is even a valid question or that its answer is yes. After all, state governments using driver’s license suspension to enforce debt payment is not unique in the United States. It is also not without controversy as […]


Preparing for mediation during your divorce.

For most couples, divorce can be emotional and arduous.  Divorcing couples may benefit from mediation as a means to ensure your voices are heard prior to litigation.  Mediating your divorce matter can assist with narrowing the issues and may even result in a resolution of your divorce matter.

Before you attend your mediation session, it is […]


Will you have to pay alimony to your spouse? What Delaware courts consider.

Alimony, or spousal support, is one of those topics that many separating spouses find concerning. Whether or not an ex-spouse is entitled to additional monthly support payments can be a complicated issue, but Delaware’s laws offer guidelines for family law judges and attorneys to consider in a settlement negotiation or agreement.

What Is Alimony?

Alimony payments are […]


Should you consider mediation? Why alternative dispute resolution may be better for both spouses.

When emotions are running high and a couple is thinking of divorcing, it may seem impossible to consider a form of alternative dispute resolution like mediation. Many people believe that mediation will not work for them, and that the only way to settle the problems with their spouse is in court.
What couples may not realize, […]


Drug testing and child custody: Can you ask for your spouse to be tested?

In every child custody case, the most important factor that a court will consider is the well-being and physical safety of a child. When making decisions about where a child should live and who can visit that child, a judge will consider each parent’s living arrangements and lifestyle.
During child custody cases, allegations of drug and/or […]


If I am injured on the job, does my immigration status matter?

Undocumented immigrants tend to work in dangerous and demanding jobs. Because of their immigration status, many work in fields like construction, manufacturing, farming, or the service industry. All of these types of jobs are physically demanding and carry an increased risk of on-the-job injuries.

When an undocumented worker is injured on the job, is that person […]


When your ex-spouse won’t pay: How to enforce a Family Court order.

Finally receiving a court order for the financial support you need after a divorce can be a great feeling. Whether it is child support, alimony, or payments for a shared debt, it is often a relief to know that you will have help from your former spouse to make ends meet.
Unfortunately, some former spouses can […]